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Microsoft plans for SQL Server 2010 (codename "Kilimanjaro") December 18, 2008

Posted by Arshad Ali in Gemini, Kilimanjaro, Madison, SQL Server 2010, SQL Server New Version.
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After SQL Server 2008, Microsoft plans for SQL Server 2010 codename “Kilimanjaro” which has been slated for release in first half of 2010. The new version of SQL Server will be focused on business intelligence and will further enrich SQL Server’s BI (business intelligence) capabilities while providing a robust and scalable data platform, capable of supporting the largest BI deployments. Kilimanjaro will provide the foundation for Microsoft’s first data warehouse appliance, code-named Madison, and a BI tool called Gemini that’s being designed to bring a broader range of employees into the BI fold(These are new capabilities and not a rewrite, rework, or upgrade). First CTP version is scheduled to be released within next 12 months.

Gemini will focus on delivering new capabilities in the area of managed self-service analysis capabilities (Self service analysis and Self-service reporting) through “deep integration” with Microsoft’s SharePoint Server and Excel. It will allow information workers to better “slice and dice data and create their own BI (business intelligence) applications and assets to share and collaborate on from within the familiar, everyday Microsoft Office productivity tools they already use.” Another key feature of Gemini is in-memory BI, which analyzes large amounts of data in memory in order to speed performance.

In design of Madison, Microsoft will use data warehouse technology from its recent acquisition of DATAllegro. Madison is designed to deliver massively increased scalability, capable of supporting the very largest data warehousing deployments. The solution will be able to handle the most demanding data warehousing workloads spanning hundreds of terabytes of data and thousands of concurrent users at the low total cost of ownership (TCO). Customers will be able to grow their Madison data warehouses by using a “scale out” approach of adding on standard server boxes as they need them.

Further augmenting the enterprise-class capabilities of Microsoft’s data platform, the acquisition of data quality vendor Zoomix will help provide richer data quality capabilities in future versions of SQL Server Integration Services, enabling customers to maximize the accuracy of their BI.

Microsoft is working with industry-leading server and storage hardware providers including Bull, Dell Inc., EMC Corp., HP and Unisys Corp. to build a strong ecosystem providing an “appliance-like” buying experience for customers based on the “Madison” solution. Soon, customers can expect new data warehouse reference configurations based on SQL Server 2008 from these hardware partners as well.

PS: This time also Microsoft has borrowed the codename “Kilimanjaro” for SQL Server 2010 from the name of a National Park as it was the case with codename “Katmai” for SQL Server 2008. 🙂
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