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MERGE SQL Statement in SQL Server 2008 March 22, 2009

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MERGE SQL Statement in SQL Server 2008
In a typical data warehousing application, quite often during the ETL cycle you need to perform INSERT, UPDATE and DELETE operations on a TARGET table by matching the records from the SOURCE table. For example, a products dimension table has information about the products; you need to sync-up this table with the latest information about the products from the source table. You would need to write separate INSERT, UPDATE and DELETE statements to refresh the target table with an updated product list or do lookups. Though it seems to be straight forward at first glance, but it becomes cumbersome when you have do it very often or on multiple tables, even the performance degrades significantly with this approach. With the new MERGE SQL statement in SQL Server 2008 you can perform all these operations in one pass.
Refer this link to learn more details about it.

Lookup Transformations in SSIS 2008 March 13, 2009

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Lookup Transformations in SSIS 2008

Lookup transformation in SSIS 2008 has been improved to allow explicit control over the lookup data, a new breed of connection manager viz. Cache Connection Manager has been introduced to store cache to file and share cached lookup data among different components and packages and finally the more intuitive UI for designing Lookup transformation.
Refer this link for more details.

SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) – Validation And DelayValidation January 27, 2009

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SSIS Validation And DelayValidation
Validation And DelayValidation are one of the most confusing part of SSIS and hence widely misunderstood by SSIS developer. Though understanding these concepts are very essentials to understand what happens before runtime or pipline engine start executing the package.
I have written an article covering all aspects of SSIS Validation And DelayValidation processes, starting with what validation is, why it all required, what are different kinds of validation done by runtime engine or pipeline engine and finally explaining all these concepts with examples.
Refer this link for more details.